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Welcome to the Bassoon Blog, aka Blogoon!

We feature guest bloggers writing in English and French from Canada and the world with engaging perspectives on life with the wonderful bassoon.We talk about reeds, how we started the bassoon, fingerings, contrabassoons, how to play continuo on modern bassoon, audience perspectives, Canadian bassoon heroes and heroines, the bassoon in art throughout the centuries and much more. Please check back regularly to see what’s happening.

If you want to tell us about a Bassoon Heroine or Hero, please send us your ideas or even a blog. If you have educational and performance opportunities for bassoonists, please let us know and we will pass them on.

And starting this week, we will be adding videos…Vlogoons!

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  • If you are a bassoon student of any age and looking for information.
  • If you wish to donate money, reeds, or a bassoon to the COCB.
  • If you are a corporation that would like to sponsor a Bassoon Day or special concert by major artists.
  • If you have ANY questions at all or comments to make on blog, write to us!


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