The Council of Canadian Bassoonists is a registered educational charity run by a group of professionals, teachers, students and friends of the bassoon. Our website is a meeting place where Canadian bassoonists can share their personal stories and exchange ideas.


Through online workshops and performances we give Canadian bassoonists – and the community at large – an opportunity to connect and educate, offering support and guidance to aspiring players from coast to coast.  We can supply tax receipts for all gifts of reeds, instruments or monetary donations. 

How To Use This Website…

On this site you will find dozens of articles about bassoons, acoustics and pedagogy listed under the menu LEARN.  Numerous articles about Canadian bassoonists can be found under PEOPLE.  Past and future events in our Let’s Talk Bassoon series can be found in the WATCH section, including embedded videos of classes and conversations. And if you happen to be pulling out your hair in despair, take a look at our many articles about REEDS.

Do you need some bassoon advice?  Help with bassoons and reeds?  Need to play for someone? We have a network of bassoonist volunteers willing to consult with you – at any level at no charge!  Use the contact form below!

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  • Are you a bassoonist of any age looking for help?
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