In November 2021 the very 1st International Tango Bassoon Competition will take place.  Open to bassoon players who love their instrument and who love Tango, this unique competition has no age limit, no educational restriction and amateurs, students, hobby players and pros are equally welcome.

It’s going to be virtual, so an internet connection, some recording device and a bassoon heart that beats for Tango are enough. It is Not your typical bassoon competition, This is not just another “higher, faster, louder” type of competition. This is about telling a story with music, about you and your passion for bassoon.


The most creative video: 500 EUR

The most professional video: 500 EUR

The most musical video: 500 EUR

The funniest video: 500 EUR

We would love to send as many Canadian videos as possible!! Have fun and be bold!!

For all the details: https://anselmamusic.com/en/tango-bassoon-competition-2021


En novembre 2021, la toute première édition du concours de tango pour basson-solo se déroulera. Ce concours unique et original est ouvert à tous et toutes les bassonistes qui aiment leur instrument et le tango. Il n’y a pas de limite d’âge, de diplôme exigé.

Tous les bassonistes amateurs, étudiants et les professionnels sont les bienvenu.e.s!

Tout se déroule de façon virtuelle donc vous n’avez besoin que d’une connexion internet, d’un cœur qui bat au rythme du basson et du tango!

Ce n’est pas un concours traditionnel qui récompense les performances les plus rapides, les plus aiguës ou les plus fortes! Il s’agit de nous raconter une histoire avec votre musique, de vous et de votre passion pour le basson!

Les prix sont :

  • La vidéo la plus créative: 500 EUR
  • La vidéo la plus professionnelle: 500 EUR
  • La vidéo la plus musicale: 500 EUR
  • La vidéo la plus drôle: 500 EUR

Il serait formidable d’envoyer le plus de vidéos canadiennes possible! Amusez-vous et soyez audacieux!


Tous les détails sont accessibles grâce au lien suivant :



Nicolas Richard, FINALIST, OSM Concours/Montreal Symphony Competition 2020

Nicolas Richard, FINALIST, OSM Concours/Montreal Symphony Competition 2020

The Council of Canadian Bassoonists congratulates Nicolas Richard for advancing to the Finals of the 2020 OSM Concours/Montreal Symphony Competition!

See links below for the final event on December 12.

#OSMCONCOURS – Annonce des finalistes !
Bravo aux 6 candidat.e.s qui ont été sélectionné.e.s par le jury ! ??
Catégorie Bois : Stephanie Morin, Arin Sarkissian et Nicolas Richard
Catégorie Cuivres : Robert Conquer, Léonard Pineault-Deault
et Cyril Fonseca
Retrouvez-les pour la finale virtuelle le samedi 12 décembre !
Pour revoir leur performance: https://bit.ly/3kQZEt2
#OSMCONCOURS – Finalists Announcement!
Congratulations to the 6 candidates who have been selected by the jury! ??
Woodwinds Category: Stephanie Morin, Arin Sarkissian and Nicolas Richard
Brass Category: Robert Conquer, Léonard Pineault-Deault
and Cyril Fonseca
Encourage them at the virtual final on Saturday, December 12.!
To watch their performance: https://bit.ly/2IZSEgo
bassoon, winner

Nicolas Richard, Finalist, OSM Concours 2020

Finalists for the Meg Quigley Vivaldi Competition 2021

Finalists for the Meg Quigley Vivaldi Competition 2021

Congratulations to all of the 2021 Meg Quigley Vivaldi Competition Finalists!
And the COCB is especially thrilled to see Canadian bassoonist Thalia Navas in the final round of this distinguished competition.
Sarah Bobrow (USA)
Amelia del Caño(USA)
Lauren Henning (USA)
Rachael Lee (USA/Taiwan)
Julianne Mulvey(USA)
Thalia Navas  (Canada)
Tatia Slouka (USA)
Quincey Trojanowski (USA)
Sandra Vieira Ribeiro (Brazil)
Laressa Winters (USA)
Congratulations to each of the many talented young women who entered this year’s competition!  Your dedication and hard work, particularly during these tumultuous  times, is very impressive.
The preliminary round judges  included Canadian bassoonists Catherine Carignan, Christopher Millard along with colleagues Catherine Chen, Francisco Joubert, and Anthony Parnther, who each wrote detailed comments to every applicant.
The final round  will take place in a multimedia video format at the 2021 MQVC Virtual Symposium January 3-10 and incorporates audience engagement and other creative elements. In addition to artistic bassoon playing, finalists are encouraged to pursue other creative mediums to present the music in ways that will appeal to a wide general audience by incorporating elements from other art forms such as poetry, photography, drama, dance, visual art, videography and more.
MQVC will provide each finalist with a new bassoon quartet arrangement of the orchestral accompaniment to the Vivaldi Concerto so that she can record the parts separately and edit them together. MQVC will provide the finalists with workshops on effective audience engagement and creating an artistic concept for the videos, as well as education on managing the technological aspect of this project in order to optimize the audio and video quality.
Free recording equipment will be supplied to each finalist by Fox Products Corporation for making the final videos.
MQVC awards $1000 to each finalist who submits a successful final round video that contains all of the required components. Additional prizes to be awarded on the final night of the Symposium include:
$2500 Vivaldi Prize
$2500 New Music Prize
$2500 Media Prize
$2500 Engagement Prize
The Symposium will also feature health and wellness events, master classes, reed hangouts and recital performances given by an incredible and diverse line-up of professional performers and teachers.
More info on the Symposium, including how to register and a schedule of events, will be coming soon at mqvc.org,